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A.T. Tip of the Week

Provided by the Massachusetts Assistive Technology Act Program (MassMATCH)

Oct. 29th, 2013

What is MyVisBar?
MyVisBar toolbar with six buttons: Magnify, speech, write, read, resize, focus

MyVisBar is a FREE floating toolbar which delivers a range of open source and freeware applications to support learners with visual difficulties. It is high contrast (yellow on black) offering 6 quality applications; Magnify (DesktopZoom, a desktop magnifier), Speech (Thunder screen reader), Write (Q10, a high contrast text editor), Read (T-Bar for color masking), Resize (change your desktop resolution) and Focus (Sonar ring to track the mouse cursor). It is also portable to a USB flash drive. Learn more at this Eduapps.org Web page 

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