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January 21th, 2014
Moody Monster Manor!

Help children learn to recognize emotions with this FREE iPad app.

Moody Monster Manor (by Alex Toys) features 20 cartoon monsters that represent emotions that children commonly experience. Some of the Moody Monsters that children will meet in the manor include Ecstatic Ed, Worried Wanda, Sad Sal and Sorry Simon. Children can also create their own Moody Monsters to represent how they're feeling. After meeting all of the monsters, children can help them cope with their emotions through four fun games. They can help Hungry Hank make a snack, assist Worried Wanda with her homework and help Confused Carl match name-tags to monsters. They can also help Scared Sam capture bad dreams so that he can get to sleep. Rated 4.5 stars in the iTunes App Store.


App screenshot of Create Your Monster page.


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