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Provided by the Massachusetts Assistive Technology Act Program (MassMATCH)

June 16th, 2015

True or False?

Another AT and the IEP pop quiz!


If a family has health insurance that will cover communication devices as "medically necessary" items, they should be encouraged to go through their insurance.


Answer: Trick question! "Encourage" is fine--but families should be informed of the pluses and minuses of using their own insurance benefits. For example, if it means there's a co-pay (or the cost of premiums would rise), using insurance is not "free" to the family and therefore requiring the family to pay would be a violation of FAPE. However, helping the family OWN the child's device may resolve potential issues around home use and transition.


Thanks to Amy Goldman and the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University for this "AT and the IEP" tip!


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