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September 15th, 2015

Sources for Digital Textbooks?

Thanks to ATACP listserv users for highlighting these solutions

Question: I have a student who is in high school and needs to download all his texts to his laptop. He has a Bookshare account but his text books are not there. How can I download those texts?

Answers:  AT Specialist Dan Shepard writes, "Try emailing the publishing company for a TXT or Word file of the book. This is better than PDF because it can be book marked, highlighted, and read by the computer's TTS. Some publishers are pretty good about it, others may have to be contacted by Student Support Services."

Others recommend:  ACCESS Text ("Any Textbook. Any Format. Any Publisher"), a paid service from AMAC that is efficient and saves time vs. working through individual publishers. For audio there is also Learning Ally

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