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Provided by the Massachusetts Assistive Technology Act Program (MassMATCH)

September 29th, 2015

NGAkids Art Zone!

Thanks to Loudon County Public Schools AT Team for this tip!

Accessible interactive art!

The National Gallery of Art has a site of online activities (Mac and PC) that promote creativity while immersing students in period art from their collection. The opportunity is for students of all ages to learn about art, art history, and specific works in the National Gallery while responding to it and creating their own pieces through NGA's free online tools. Activities include:

Faces & Places

Faces and Places: "Create animated portraits and landscape paintings in the style of American Naive artists."

Mobile: "Design a moving sculpture and take it for a spin. Try to balance the shapes and colors."

Collage Machine: "Construct a collage by dragging and dropping photo snippets, words, numbers, background colors, and textured shapes."

Visit NGAkids Art Zone for these and many more!

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