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Provided by the Massachusetts Assistive Technology Act Program (MassMATCH)

November 3rd, 2015

 Check out the Virtual AT Toolkit for Education!

Get your assistive technology questions answered from a huge community of eager-to-share AT-believers and professionals. Find online learning communities at the MassMATCH Virtual AT Toolkit for Education. Twitter chats, LinkedIn groups, Listservs and more can help you find YOUR PEOPLE (locally, nationally, and internationally).

The Virtual Toolkit is a set of focused resources designed to help K-12 educators identify assistive technology solutions and services for their students with disabilities and/or learning challenges. Here is help to learn about and find products, get questions answered on usage and implementation, and find resources for professional and program development. 

Check it out. We'd love your feedback (eliza@massmatch.org)

Reminder: MassMATCH makes no endorsement, representation, or warranty expressed or implied for any product, device, or information set forth in this email or on its Web site. MassMATCH has not examined, reviewed, or tested any product or device here referred to.

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