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December 1st, 2015

Auditory Scanning and Proloquo2Go!

Here's a recent tip gleaned from the QIAT listserv

An AT specialist is looking for communication options for a young girl with cerebral palsy, limited head control, excellent hearing, and uncertain vision. She currently uses a PODD (low tech communication) book with a partner and she can use 2 switches with a head mount but prefers her hands (though release of grasp is difficult). The team in interested in reducing her fatigue and moving her toward auditory scanning.

In response, a reader suggests considering the Proloquo2Go iPAD AAC app. Proloquo2Go has an embedded switch option for use with auditory scanning. 

"You are able to set auditory scan and set the iPad screen as the switch. When you hear your choice, touch [the] screen. That may allow your student to use her hand to reach out (her preferred) and learn auditory scan at same time. Explore the switch options within the program."

[Note: the QIAT responder acknowledges the importance of continuing with PODD as well; and the option of using auditory scanning with a Dynavox and a PODD page set... but that this is, in the writer's experience, a bit tedious.]

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