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March 10th, 2016

Before Assigning a Reading Pen, Please Consider...

This sage advice from the QIAT listserv

Reading pen with text on display screen.

Reading pens glide over hard copy text to read print aloud through earbuds. But before considering one for your student ask:
  • What does the user (or parent or teacher) want to accomplish for the student with the pen? 
  • Would the student benefit more from another solution, such as scan-and-read iPad apps? Reading pens may be useful for defining a single word or to hear it aloud, but there are better options for general text readers. 
  • Does the user have the fine motor skills for a reading pen to work properly? Swipe in a straight line (or with a straight edge), constant speed, hold at the correct angle? 

  • Have you tried one yourself? Before committing, borrow one from your state's short-term device loan program. Try it and then see if it's appropriate for your student to try.

Thanks to Shelley Haven, ATP, RET for her posting at QIAT

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