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Provided by the Massachusetts Assistive Technology Act Program (MassMATCH)

April 19th, 2016

Kami with Snap and Read!

Need a way for students to hear PDFs (text to speech), annotate and then share with their teacher?

Check out the document viewer and annotation software, Kami, with the Snap and Read (text reader) extension. This is a good solution for Chromebook users. Kami integrates with Google Drive and Snap and Read is multi platform. Both require subscriptions (for a full-featured ad-free experience).

Posted on the QIAT listserv:

"WE love Kami and Snap and Read. The key is to use the Kami app with the Snap and Read extension. We showed this to a few teachers for a few friends who really needed it and the next things we knew we were teaching the whole 4th grade! These are great tools for all kids." --Kathy White, AT Specialist, Janesville, WI

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