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May 11th, 2016

True or False? 

Another A.T. and the IEP Pop Quiz!

It is advisable to only describe the needed AT device, rather than name the specific device make/model in the IEP.


This may be a matter of local practice. My personal opinion is once the team has completed its evaluation and determined its recommendations, there's usually one product that "matches" the list of features required for the student. That's the one they are going to provide. Why not name it?? If something happens and it no longer becomes available, reconvene the IEP. If the team is worried about what happens if the device goes out for repair and a substitute device will be needed, plan for that in advance (with the team, including the family) and write the plan in the IEP. However, there are localities where local practice is to describe only.

Thanks to Amy Goldman and the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University for this "AT and the IEP" tip!

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