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June 7th, 2016

The Speech Recognition Writing Process 

Thanks to Daniel Cochrane and Kelly Key

Use this simplified task sequence to explicitly teach the Speech Recognition Writing process:
  1. THINK IT: Think about your topic and what you want to write.
  2. Mentally compose your sentence, punctuation included.
  3. Hold the sentence (or part of it) in memory.
  4. Turn on the microphone
  5. SAY IT: Say your sentence with clear enunciation but in a natural manner (not too slow or too fast). Add the correct punctuation at the end.
  6. Turn off the microphone.
  7. CHECK IT: Check the recognition accuracy. Students with weak decoding skills should use text-to-speak software to assist with the writing process.
  8. FIX IT: Fix the recognition errors manually or verbally
This is a teaser! Many of these skills must be taught. Learn much more from Cochrane and Key's Speech Recognition as AT for Writing: A Guide for K-12 Education.

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