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AT and Apps Search Tools

AT Search Tools

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  • ABLEDATA - The ABLEDATA database contains information on more than 22,000 currently available low-tech to high-tech devices, and includes manufacturer contacts and prices. It is funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR).
  • AblePlay - Search the AblePlay database for toys for children with special needs. Search by disability category, specific disability, product category, age range, brand, or product name. AblePlay independently rates and reviews toys. The site was developed by the National Lekotek Center, a nonprofit authority on play for children with disabilities.
  • Assistivetech - Assistivetech's database helps identify appropriate products, find vendors, and determine costs. The site is operated by the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Spectronics FAQs - This is a rich library of resources for learning about and comparing inclusive learning technologies. In depth information on everything from AAC tools and literacy software to switches and pointing devices. Spectronics is a vendor of inclusive learning technologies in Australia and New Zealand and keeps its resources current. Included here is an entire sub-library of product comparison charts.
  • Techmatrix - The TechMatrix is an online tool for finding assistive and learning technology products for students with special needs. It was created by the National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) and the Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd).

Apps Search Tools

  • Mobile Devices and Apps Assessment Tools includes a variety of tools for matching mobile devices and apps to students. Provided by the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI), this page
  • BridgingApps is an impressive apps-for-persons-with-disabilities resource. Here users can search for apps reviewed using standards-based assessment tools as well as find resources on how to use mobile devices to effectively target skill development. BridgingApps is a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston.
  • Apps for Children with Special Needs ( produces videos that demonstrate how products designed to educate children and build their skills really work from a user perspective.
  • Tools for Life AppFinder provides a way to search apps by platform and function category. Apps are reviewed by users with disabilities. The database is a project of the Georgia Assistive Technology Act Program.
  • University of Montana's Rural Institute Going Mobile--Apps for Life is a way to browse apps for use with young children and students with disabilities by category. Includes literacy, social studies, science, life skills, AAC. Provides descriptions, video and link to iTunes store.
  • Apps (Apple IOS) for (Special) Education is Eric Sailer's Scribd site organizing apps for special education, each is annotated and categorized and includes links to the iTunes store.
  • Spectronics iPad/iPhone Apps for AAC is a continuously updated comparison chart of AAC apps courtesy of the Spectronics Web site (long-time AT vendor of Australia and New Zealand). It is maintained by Jane Farrall who has decades of experience as a special educator working with AAC. Also available at Spectronics are: Apps for Literacy Support, Apps for Special Education.
  • Apps for AAC is a comprehensive website of iPad/iPhone/iPod AAC apps offering filtered search and comparison tools. There is also an Apps for Android page. AAC apps are software applications for mobile devices that can help individuals who are non speaking or those whose speech is not usually understood by others. The site is maintained by Will Wade, an OT at the ACE Centre, Oxford, UK.
  • AAC Tech Connect provides free and fee-for-service tools for searching "quality" AAC apps (based on a defined criteria) and dedicated AAC devices. The site's AAC Apps Assistant may be sampled for free for 24 hours or 30 days if the user is willing to provide feedback.
  • iAutism provides information on apps for tablets and smartphones that have been developed for people with ASD and other special needs.
  • Moms with Apps offers a special needs search option within this huge resource for finding and filtering apps for children.

AT on YouTube

  • The MassMATCH YouTube Channel provides MassMATCH-produced videos about select products available in the short-term device loan library as well as video favorites of AT-in-action chosen by MassMATCH AT advisory council members.