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AT Advisory Council

MassMATCH is advised by an AT Advisory Council made up of community members and professionals who understand the importance of assistive technology for people with disabilities. A majority of the council members (not less than 51%) are individuals with disabilities who use assistive technology or are family members or guardians of individuals who use AT. Other council members are representatives of state agencies concerned with creating better access for people who would benefit from AT.

The Council provides insight and recommendations for "best practices" for how to advance the use of AT. Specifically the Council advises on the Commonwealth's priorities for federal AT Act funding, and on the design and implementation of state-level and leadership initiatives funded by the AT Act grant.

Guiding Principles

The Advisory Council adheres to the following principles:
  1. Supports (funded programs) should be driven by the needs of individuals and their families, and should be provided within community settings.
  2. Partnerships between individuals, families and agency representatives should be based on communication that is open, honest, clear, understandable and timely.
  3. All Council activities should respect and respond to the diversity of culture, language and abilities of all partners in order to ensure full participation.
  4. All input and contributions should be equally respected and valued.
  5. The recommendations and actions of the Council should be based on all partners sharing relevant information.
  6. The Council should share responsibility and reasonable risks toward a common purpose, learn from failure and celebrate success.

Ground Rules/Operating Procedures

The Advisory Council conducts business according to the following operating procedures:

Frequency of Advisory Council Meetings

The Advisory Council currently meets quarterly. The meeting location is accessible and geographically reasonable for all members.

Primary Responsibilities of the Advisory Council

Advisory Council members must attend meetings and actively participate. Council members may also provide recommendations to MassMATCH staff through conference calls, e-mails, phone calls and regular postage mail, as necessary. Input sought from Council members includes feedback on the overall vision of the MassMATCH project as well as specific recommendations for implementing "state-level" and "state leadership" activities, as called for by the federal AT Act. Advisory Council members also help staff determine how best to identify consumer needs and what systems to develop to insure broad-based feedback on the effectiveness of MassMATCH's initiatives. The AT Act grant activities that require the Council's attention include the following:

State-Level Activities

  • State financing programs
  • Device reutilization programs
  • Equipment demonstration programs
  • Device loan programs

State Leadership Activities

  • Public Awareness
  • Information and Referral
  • Coordination and Collaboration


AT Act Advisory Council Membership List

January 2018



Chiango, Lisa

Consumer rep

Dixon, Tory

Independent Living Centers

Doonan, Owen

Consumer rep

Dias, Robert Mass Office on Disability (MOD)

Gefteas, Peter

Consumer rep

Hatch, Kevin

Consumer rep

Herrera, Ileana

Family rep

Kane, Theresa

The Polus Center

Kongtcheu, Phil

Consumer rep

Landry, Linda

Disability Law Center(DLC)

LaSante, Susan

Family rep

Mercier, Tom

Dept. of Developmental Services (DDS)

Nettles, Lee

Consumer rep

O'Dell, Jonathan

Mass. Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH)

Remy, Paul

Consumer rep

Sargent, Randi

Family rep

Shor, Ann Mass. Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)

Sigmond, Carl

Consumer rep

Silver, Evan MA Commission for the Blind (MCB)

Spalding, Jae

Consumer rep

Vega, Martin

Consumer rep

We Want You!

The AT Advisory Council currently has open positions for individuals with disabilities who use AT. The council meets quarterly to discuss the needs of AT users and make decisions regarding the AT Act programs. If you are interested in serving as a representative of AT consumers in Massachusetts, please email

Nomination Form (Word)

Meeting Minutes

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