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  • Accessible Workspaces
    This October, 2009 edition of the MDA (Muscular Distrophy Association) publication, Quest, is "chock-full of ideas on customizing your workspace for function and efficiency.
  • AT for Employers
    A Website of resources and ideas created by the RESNA Catalyst Project, launched in 2012.
  • AT for Employment Toolkit Presentation (Power Point)
    MassMATCH Power Point on the toolkits MRC created for use by Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and employment specialists on assistive technology for employment.
  • Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP)
    Department of Defense and other federal employees with disabilities as well as war wounded active duty service members are served by this reasonable accommodations program for assistive technology run by Tricare. The program provides technology that can keep federal workers with disabilities employed.
  • Work Without Limits: Putting Abilities to Work in Massachusetts
    Work Without Limits provides valuable resources and information on employment for many audiences, including people with disabilities, family members, employment service providers, and employers. The Work Without Limits initiative is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services through the Massachusetts Medicaid Infrastructure and Comprehensive Employment Opportunities grant awarded to the UMass Medical School.