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Funding for Medically Necessary AT *

Most medically necessary AT is provided by public or private health insurance, and falls under the term "durable medical equipment" (DME).

Examples of DME include manual and power wheelchairs, catheters, and orthotics. This section provides information on how to pursue your DME needs from insurance sources. It includes information on appealing denials--an often necessary and effective step toward acquiring DME--as well as information on care coordination and advocacy services.

Unfortunately navigating health insurance providers can be a frustrating experience! In certain cases families or individuals may even need (or choose) to pursue other sources of DME funding; specialized loan programs, private charities, and state funded relief programs are also listed here.

Before getting started it's important to "know the basics" about public and private health providers. The Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative has produced a brief and useful explanation of public and private health insurance and the process for obtaining DME.  Get the DATI article, "Public and Private Insurance".

Resources are organized by the following categories:

*Please note that information provided herein has no effect of law or regulation, and in no way constitutes an official notification of benefits.